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work examples

When times got tough at the Greek island of Samos we created an ad-hoc campaign to highlight the beauty of the island and counteract negative press caused by the over-all European refugee crises. 


FOS Friends of Samos

The largest museum depicting the history of the Hanseatic League was built in Lübeck, Germany. 

Martina was responsible for all national and international communications and public relations during its four-year 
construction phase. 


European Hansemuseum  Lübeck

For an incoming tour operator, Martina planned and organised high-quality
tours and events for groups from 10 to 200 persons in Cape Town and around Southern Africa.


Wedgwood South Africa

Major construction works can face a lack of support from 
some parts 
of the community.
During the almost four-year construction phase of a major cultural building project, Martina was responsible for creating transparency

and acceptance involving neighbour, stakeholder, and political relations.


European Hansemuseum Lübeck

For a start-up organising trade shows in emerging markets such as Russia, China, and Brazil Martina created trust and credibility with the prospective exhibitors, business partners, and political institutions. 

Gima-Gesellschaft für internationale Messen und Ausstellungen mbH